30 October 2020

Introducing B2, an iced anti-oxidant born in Cape Town.

What’s an iced antioxidant? It’s a pioneering refreshment that quenches like water, but tastes unquenchably moreish. It tastes moreish without being sweetened, because it’s naturally sweet enough. It protects your body against oxidation, because we use superfood ingredients exactly as we found them in nature – nothing added or taken away. And it’s iced, because it’s best enjoyed glacier cold.

Tired of unpronounceable additives, we’ve made B2 with only 8 pure ingredients: steeped blueberry & rooibos leaves, harmonized with lime & apple juice, then blended with crushed blueberries & hints of mint, ginger and licorice root.

Such elegant simplicity is the result of four years of thinking and fiddling and elimination, of working through more recipes and methods and combinations than a Hobbit can shake a stick at. Through research, innovation and old fashioned grit, we’ve worked hard to understand and bottle the essence of both ingredient and brewing process.

B2 is handmade in small batches by entrepreneurs that own their own businesses supplying the product in your hand to the retailer you bought it from. You can scan the code on your bottle to see who made it, where it came from, and how the price you paid for your B2 got split between the retailer and the brewing entrepreneur who made it.

Even though we’re all about small batch & micro, this doesn’t mean we’re without global ambition. We want to change the world and bring the benefits of B2 to every corner of the globe. But we don’t want to do it at other people’s expense, turning into a corporate Pac-Man gobbling up everyone & everything along the way.

We have a serious, well thought out plan for doing micro-brewing at scale, for building local networks of entrepreneurs across the world, using their profits to support their families and build their dreams by supplying the demand for B2 in their area – all via Local Hubs co-operatively owned by those same brewers themselves. In that way we have a vision for B2 where the drink refreshes & nurtures your body, while the business refreshes & nurtures our communities and our economy.

Find out & explore more about our business plan and our approach to a fair and inclusive economy at

There you have it. Natural – Quenching – Healthy. Inclusive – Transparent – Fair.

Welcome to B2. Treat Yourself Well.